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What is Chiropractic

If you have a pain in the neck (or back), we can help.

Chiropractic is a total approach to health. By correcting spinal misalignments, we can help your body’s structural system work better with your nervous system. Adjustments like these may correct a possible spinal misalignment, so your body can function at its best and more easily resist future damage that could cause you additional pain.

Our goal is to help you improve your body’s resources so you have your best chance at healing, whatever your condition. Results are as individual as people are, which is why anyone—young or old, sick or healthy—can benefit from chiropractic care.

Chiropractic is a form of non-invasive health care that does not use drugs or surgery, used to treat many of the body’s ailments. Most patients see their Chiropractor to treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions, such as low back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches, and injuries.

Though the methods may vary, a Chiropractor treats by providing an “adjustment.” When a person feels pain, it is the body’s natural reaction to tell a person that something is wrong. Whether headache, repetitive stress, herniated vertebral disc, or whiplash, the body sees it as an injury. The body not only feels the pain to indicate something is wrong, but the joints also become hypomobile (unable to move properly) and misaligned. These joints that no longer move in an ordinary manner are referred to as a subluxation. In order to correct these subluxations, a Doctor of Chiropractic applies a highly skilled adjustment to restore proper motion in these joints. The adjustment will make the proper correction needed to the joint, leading to proper biomechanics of that joint. This will allow the body to function as it was meant to, thus allowing the body to properly heal itself.

When the adjustment is provided, patients may often hear a “popping” sound. This popping sound is referred to as a cavitation, which is an indication of gases being released from solution in the joint capsules. Though many patients report liking the cavitation, many also form a phobia of it. For either patient, it is important to know that: (1) The cavitation is not a clear indication of the adjustment since it often times does not occur, and (2) That the Chiropractic adjustment is highly safe.

Only your Chiropractor can determine when an adjustment needs to be performed and more importantly, when it is not needed. A Doctor of Chiropractic will perform a thorough clinical examination to determine what your body needs. For further information, or to find out if Chiropractic care can help you, please call to make an appointment for a consultation.

The brain stem and spinal cord are the primary pathways for nerve impulses to and from the brain. Messages back and forth through these nerves control the health and function of virtually every other cell, tissue, organ, and system of the body. Nerve tissue is so important , it is protected by bone. the brain is encased in the skull, and the spinal cord is covered by 24 moving bones of the spinal column. Many everyday things can cause these bones to lose their normal motion or position. This sets off a chain reaction affecting the spinal bones, nerves, muscles, soft tissues and results in degenerative changes throughout the body. Doctors refer to this as the Vertebral Subluxation Complex. The Vertebral Subluxation Complex is the underlying cause of many health problems and is recognized by its five component parts.

More and more researchers have confirmed the far-reaching effects of abnormal spinal function. Everyday we’re learning more about the implications of these five component parts. Because of the intricacies of the nervous system, more research is being conducted in the areas of immune system response, aging, hormonal involvement, and even genetic consequences. Clearly, the Vertebral Subluxation Complex may be one of the most common, yet overlooked sources of problems.

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