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“Is chiropractic safe?”


“How long will treatment last?”

How much chiropractic care is needed will depend upon the complexity of your condition, how long your subluxations have been present and your ability to follow up on the doctor’s recommendations outside the office. Sometimes when patients come to our office, they have a specific complaint which may need intensive care in the beginning. As the spine becomes more stable and healthy nerve transmission is restored, the frequency of care decreases. Many of our patients stay on with chiropractic care long after symptoms disappear because they have experienced that being subluxation-free helps them stay at their best. However, how long a person chooses to receive care is always up to her.

“How much does care cost?”

The cost of care depends upon a number of factors. Our office participates with several insurance companies, and we are happy to verify your insurance benefits for you.

“What is an adjustment?”

An adjustment is a gentle, controlled force applied by the doctor’s hands or Activator instrument, to the area of misalignment of the spine and pelvis. Most adjustments feel great and many patients feel a sense of relief afterward.

“What is the Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique?”

This gentle technique helps relax the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis of the pregnant woman. Once these structures are relaxed, this may allow your baby to turn him or herself to the optimal head-down position. Current literature reports that this technique is successful up to 95% of the time. The sooner we get to see you, the better!

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